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Name:Actually Autistic
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A safe space for people on the spectrum.
Yet another community for folks on the autistic spectrum! This one's a spinoff of the Tumblr #actuallyautistic tag, but by no means is there any requirement to actually be involved in the Tumblr autistic community to participate here.

What is a requirement, however, is that you self-identify as someone with an autistic spectrum condition. No diagnosis required, because we know those can be difficult to get, but we'd like to keep this a safe space for autistic people. Community membership is moderated as a result; we'll be reasonably lenient, but if we don't recognize your username from elsewhere, we may send you a private message before moderating you through depending on how sparse your profile and/or blog are.

(Comments from non-members are currently allowed, as a sort of corollary for Tumblr's reblogging being open; however, these will be screened by default, and can be disabled entirely on a post-by-post basis if needed.)
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